Painting In Lockdown

Painting in Lockdown

During the recent Lockdowns, getting out for a walk has been  a life-saver in so many ways….an escape into the fresh air , enjoying the countryside and discovering many new walks, as well as inspiration for new paintings. Lewis Noble is an artist who loves to walk, sketching and taking photos on the way, for studies to work into paintings back in the studio. I the same way, I took my camera on my favourite walks and set myself the enjoyable task of producing a quick, loose sketch every morning  for a week or two. 

They can develop into larger, more finished paintings, as here…….

Another good thing about Lockdown has been the large number of Painting workshops online. I have enjoyed several….from the St Ives painting school, Martin Kinnear’s Norfolk Painting school and the London Drawing School. It was the Drawing  School that ran a particularly exciting workshop called PAINTING WITH SCISSORS, based on Matisse’s wonderful “cut-outs”……in which he created pictures using shapes built from coloured paper…..his “Snail” is the best-known example of this method.   The workshop I attended was SO MUCH FUN!!!    We were given one minute to cut our shapes, based on some of Matisse’s ……and then encouraged to create compositions however we wanted them to be.

Very liberating! And workshops like these give us all lots of ideas for new ways of working!